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In addition to AMSOIL, we have:


ShockStrap 1.5 inch webbing ratchet

In addition to AMSOIL, we now stock a full line-up of ShockStrap straps - "the most secure and reliable cargo strap made."

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Our own weld on lashing points


Bent from 5/16" solid steel round bar, these can be welded on the face of something flat or on the side of something vertical.

With a round profile, these won't damage the vinyl coated hooks on your new ShockStrap.

$5ea and we're willing to ship.

Kroil and Aero Kroil


Kroil - An industry proven penetrating oil that has no equal. Used by 480 of the Fortune 500 companies!

Based on scientific discoveries, Kroil creeps into millionth inch spaces, breaks bonds due to rust, corrosion, contamination, or compression and lubricates to loosen frozen metal parts.

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