More about our 1992 Hijet Jumbo

660cc inline, gasoline 3-cylinder with a 5-speed manual transmission, 12" wheels/tires, heat works, starts and runs well, no funny smells or sounds, no issues, push button four wheel drive, hi/lo transfer case, good tires (Bridgestone), 66,000km (41,000mi)

What makes this one special:

- it's a 4x4 "Jumbo" which means it has a little more head room and a slightly extended cab

- it has A/C - and IT WORKS!

- Super Custom trim level

- bed sides and tailgate all come down (and off) to make a flat bed

- in great shape, not beat up

- has a 5-speed transmission (not a 4-speed)

- all wheel center caps

- factory manual in dash (in Japanese)